Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Rug

An area rug can be that missing piece your room needs to be visually appealing, stylish and inviting. But purchasing a new rug is not a cheap investment, and before you start shelling out cash for a new rug, you should consider what you require from a rug and how you plan to use it with your space.

Purchasing one of these products is beyond picking a rug with a competitive price and matches your home’s interior decor and furniture. As it will become a practical and integral part of your room; so be careful while you choose.

Let’s take a look at the important factors to put into consideration before purchasing a new rug:


Obviously, you shouldn’t buy an area rug if you can’t afford it, even if you have to live with the bare floor. Look for a high-quality rugs made with natural materials like silk, cotton, and wool, as they look better over time and wear well.

As you expose a wool rug to air and light and feet and feel trampling on it daily create its own patina. Grass, jute, and sisal rugs are cheap, but cleaning these area rugs are delicate and don’t last long.

Generally, the amount you should spend on a rug should be based on the overall cost of your furniture in the house. Let’s take an instance, in your living room; the area rug should be as pricey as your sofa or a bit more. Set your budget with an additional 10% to offer some flexibility in your price range.

But with Ottomason, you shop high-quality rugs like our updated Moroccan Trellis Designs, the trending Vintage-boho style in our rixos collection and many more at the most affordable price.

Size Matters

Before putting an area rug in a family room or living room, you should consider the size, and here are tips to help you out:

One of the commonly made mistakes by homeowners with area rugs is purchasing a small-sized product. The area rug should be large enough to fit under your major furniture in the room. If that would be way too expensive for you, it should at least be able to fit your key upholstered pieces.

However, it’s best for all smaller pieces’ legs to be on the rug. Also, try to consider some furniture arrangements before choosing an area rug.

For those with their large rooms divided up into a couple of segments such as conversation areas etc. you shouldn’t use the same rug for each area. The rugs do not have to match, but they should be tied together by pattern or colour.

Also, for most medium-sized rooms, the walls of the room and the edges of the area rug should be about 10 – 20 inches of bare floor apart. This totally depends on the size of your room as this space mentioned above can go as high as 24 inches or as low as 8 inches. Further, the rug should be placed at the centre of the room with an equal distance between the four edges of the area rugs and the sides of your wall.

Regardless of the area rug size, you purchased to ensure it’s properly placed in a heavily trafficked area. You don’t want people walking with one foot on and the other off. It should offer sufficient room for people to walk on.

Area Rug Design – Pattern & Color

Are looking to add some artwork on your floor? Area rugs are one of the great ways to include some artworks and playfulness into your office, living room, etc. thus, you shouldn’t be scared to pick some area rug designs with astonishing pattern and colour.

Bold pattern area rugs add uniqueness while complementing your room’s interior decor like our RYL1324-8X10 in the Royal Collection, but without proper furniture arrangement you can cover up these incredible area rug designs with your furniture. Thus, when choosing an area rug ensures your furniture arrangement won’t cover up these lovely designs.

In another scenario, where you have an unusual room size, or you would love to create a pattern, you should consider some area rugs alternatives like carpet tiles. These items, similar to FLOR, are available in a wide range of designs and colour options, which means every user has a better chance of finding a tile that works for you.


Each rug has its own cleaning tips, but there are a couple of things homeowners can do to keep their rugs clean and looking at its best without compromising its ability to serve you for years to come.
Before purchasing a rug, you should consider where you want to use it and what types of maintenance is required by the product:

In general, medium to high pile rugs requires proper cleaning once a year to remove any allergens, hair, and dust. However, for you, daily maintenance vacuuming works well.

Unlike high-pile or medium-pile rugs, flatweave and low-pile rugs need to be shaken out periodically outside.

It’s paramount that you read the cleaning instructions before going ahead to buy the product. Note: rugs made of natural fibres such as sisal and jute are not very easy to clean, and, as such, they tend to be permanently damaged when big spills happen. With that being said, they, unlike other fibres, don’t reveal minor stains and dirt.

Keep all cleaning instruction manual. Some rugs can serve you for years, and you may not remember the best way to maintain and clean them after a long period.

Know Your Weaves

What determines how the rug feels underfoot is the weave of the rug. Also, it helps determine how the rug wears over time. Below is a short review include the strength and weakness of the most common area rug weavings:


This weaving method is a time-intensive, time-tested manufacturing technique, which requires the use of hands for tying the rug fibres on a loom. The remarkable method is known to produce high quality and durable rug. Therefore, you should expect a hefty price tag. Without a doubt, hand-knotted rugs work well in any part of the home.


This type of technique uses the tops of yarn loops to create rugs with flat, plush surfaces. Unlike hand-knotted rugs, tufted rugs come with budget-friendly price tags. Plus, they are available in a wide range of styles. However, this weave technique tends to shed after unrolling them from the packaging. Besides, they need constant vacuuming.


Hooked rugs and tufted ones share similar weaving technique, but the only difference is the formal make use of intact yarn loops rather than sheared off ones. Thus, resulting in a nubby, textured-quality rug. On the good side, hooked styles are not very prone to shedding like the tufted rugs.

Flatwoven, (or dhurrie)

Rugs bearing a resemblance to mats (since there is no pile) are referred to as Flatwoven or dhurrie. This style is available in a wide variety of materials with synthetics, cotton and wool being the most common.

Since they do not come with any sort of backing, they tend to be very durable and serve you longer. But take note, you may have to purchase a rug pad for better feel.

Here’s more: flatweave rugs have visible patterns on both sides, which means you can flip them if one of the sides gets dingy. If you are looking to purchase an area rug for playrooms, family rooms, entryways or other high-traffic areas tend then you consider the Ottomanson’s outdoor Jardin and Sundance collections.


Machine-made styles come with everything from shag to flokati rugs to cut-pile styles. They are woven on power looms.

Machine-made rugs do not require you to break the bank; plus, they offer consistent quality and elaborate patterns. Most are created using synthetic fibres, which makes them a high resistance to stain.

However, if you want to avoid crushing the pile, take advantage of machine-made style in bedrooms, under dining tables, or other low foot traffic areas in your home.

Where to Buy Area Rugs

Don’t make a mistake of shopping with your wallet first. You should buy with eyes before shelling out some bucks on any products to help determine exactly what you want.

Try glancing through several high-end magazines or online with a lot of collections like Amazon, Ottomanson, etc. to get ideas on trending area rug designs, patterns, and how to match rugs with your interior decor.

The next crucial question is “where to buy area rugs?” you can start with looking for top brand rug manufacturers which assures you of quality and satisfaction.

While you can ask your friends and neighbours for referrals; they will provide you with dealers known for selling good rugs, they often have limited options.

Therefore, it is advisable to browse online for amazing area rug designs and colours, then you can take advantage of Ottomanson’s well-stocked rug collections. They offer a wide range of options from different rug materials to sizes.

Final Thought

All in all, the above-mentioned factors and many others determine the kind of rug to splurge on. However, for those looking to purchase rugs without having to break the bank, Ottomanson’s product line for rugs come with affordable price tags.

More so, they offer durable, high-quality synthetic fibres such as nylon, cotton and polypropylene with non-slip rubber-backed or Jute, which are ideal for high traffic areas in your home and everyday uses.

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